Yea, I skipped the calls this weekend. My father is still in the hospital, and I got badly injured on saturday. I needed it.


1. Frank DeFranco

The Last Time We Spoke: Frank and I spoke on the phone a few weeks ago about Tiny Giant matters. He and I are admins of the Tiny Giant Artist Collective group, and we often chat to discuss ways to make the group more beneficial for everyone.

When I Called Today: Look, I’m going to just be straight here (i’d be frank, but i think Frank already has that locked down! hare hare). This conversation was way too boring to transcribe. If you must know, we talked “business” for twenty minutes, bookended with a joke about Dave Grohl. I know you guys don’t want to read about what Tiny Giant admins talk about, and what we think could “maximize the usefulness of the future messageboard” so I wont put you thru that. Here is a picture of Rick Santorum on the cover of The Advocate. 

The Verdict: Frank rules, but I must have mercy for my readers. Oh, Frank plays in one of my favorite bands in NJ, Holy City Zoo

2. Walt DiCristina

Left Voicemail

3. Nick DiDomenico

The Last Time We Spoke: Nick is one of my best friends, and has been in my family-like circle of friends for almost 15 years now. I never go more than a week or so without at least corresponding with him somehow.

When I Called Today: My conversation with Nick took place in two parts, unfortunately neither was with his alter ego, The Berg. Part 1 of this chat consisted simply of me telling Nick about how I hurt my leg very badly this weekend giving a triangle choke hold to one of our good friends, Eric Pace. Pace attempted to reverse the hold on me, and fell while doing so, landing on my leg, and bringing my closer than I have ever been to needing crutches. Nick was highly amused by this, of course. To kick off part two of our chat, I asked Nick what he would be up to today and he told me he was going to go home and relax for a bit by playing the original Legend of Zelda. Nick and I talk about either video games, beer, or music. Thats it. I went on a long rant about Zelda, telling Nick that while I adore the games, I loathe the fact that they have attempted to tie all the games into one single storyline, as if that was the plan all along. Nick somewhat agreed, but backed off in disgusted shock when I threw down the blasphemous gauntlet… I said “The makers of Zelda are simply doing what George Lucas did by making three more Star Wars movies, and pretending he was planning it all along. He wasn’t, and neither is Nintendo, fuck them both”. Nick was having none of this, as I spoke so lowly of Nintendo, comparing them to such a bastard like George Lucas. He told me he had to go.

The Verdict: Nick knows I’m right, and as has happened time and time again in our history, he will tell me 6 months from now that he agrees.